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Tasty Chicken Curry

At Tots & Co we love to cook fresh food and snacks for our children daily. We make and bake our own sausage rolls, pizzas, fish pies and curries. One of the most popular dishes with our children is Chicken Curry. We dont use ready made meals or anything we havent prepared ourselves. Why not give our chicken curry a try at home.

Our Chicken curry Recipe


• Mixed vegetables

• Diced chicken breasts

• Medium curry powder •

Coconut milk

• Some water

• Salt and pepper

  • Butternut Squash


Add a dash of oil into the pan and cook the chicken till it’s a light brown Add the vegetables and cook (Our cooks blend all the veg in a food processor and just add a few bits of chopped cooked veg into the dish (as most of the children don’t eat veg on the plate blending it in will help and they will eat everything and enjoy it) Add water, a pinch of salt and pepper, coconut milk and curry powder to make your sauce. You can add different seasoning’s depending on your taste! Cook on the hob and enjoy with some rice !!