General Info


We recommend bringing your child for a few visits prior to their starting regular attendance. The visits will help  staff  build good relationships with children. Parents should let staff know the child’s/children’s likes and dislikes, special words they may have, activities they like to do and the child’s/children’s daily routine’s such as eating and sleeping.**

These visits provide opportunities for your child to become familiar with the environment. It is also a valuable time to communicate and share information about your child and their habits with the staff.

Daily Routine

During their first year in the creche babies will stay as close as possible to their routines. On enrolment and during the settling process, staff will talk to parents regarding children’s individual routines and needs. Children who are two years and over have a rest period unless otherwise requested. The centre notice board’s have further information on the daily programme.


Breakfast, snacks, lunches and teas are provided in the crèche.

The menu is displayed on the notice board in each creche, menu’s are rotated fortnightly. Children with food allergies and intolerances will be catered for in consultation with families. Fresh produce is used daily and healthy eating is encouraged at all times. If you are sending in snacks for your child it is recommended that you mark your child’s name on snack boxes and beakers.

Both our creche’s have a nut free policy, due to children with severe allergies. We ask that treats and food containing nuts remain at home.

Bottles and Nappies

Please bring your baby’s own bottle and milk mixture clearly labelled with their name on it. Please provide the child’s own nappies, creams and wipes


Please dress your child in clothes that are suitable for play. It is advisable to send at least one set of extra clothes with your child. please try to name all items of clothing. If your child is toilet training we suggest bringing lots of spare clothes.

Parents are required to provide hats and sun cream during the summer months. Suitable clothing should also be provided for winter time including a warm coat, hat and suitable warm footwear.

Medication & Sickness

If your child needs to have medicine administered a consent form must be filled in and signed. Children requiring medication will be monitored by staff regularly to ensure that they are well enough to be at the creche

Please keep your child away from the centre if they are unwell. If your child becomes unwell while attending the centre you will be notified and we ask that your child is collected as soon as possible. Several illnesses have a minimum of 24 hours clearance time before a child is able to return to the centre. There is an infectious diseases chart on the notice board in each building to refer to.  Please contact the centre if you have any concerns or queries regarding this.


We ask that toys are not brought into the crèche unless it’s a comfort item that may be beneficial to your child during the induction week.


At times during the year the older children may be taken out on short trips. When taking the children on trips you will be informed and written consent will need to be given beforehand. Notice of trips and costs will be given in advance. 

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